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LAL Customs

We specialize in early Ford Bronco Restorations.

Learn about Welded Steel Body options for '66-'77 Bronco

Learn More About LAL Customs Steel Bodies

We're the premiere source for welded LAL Customs Steel Bronco Bodies. Get details about our hand-built, quality steel body options. Built how you want:
  • Raptor Liner undercoating
  • Roll bar
  • Windowless doors
  • Cut with Flares
  • options are endless

Broncos Built by Bronco People

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Services We Offer

LAL Customs Steel Body

Experience the difference using a steel body from LAL Customs

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Bronco Restoration

We've got the knowledge to make your dream restoration happen

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Bronco Companion Trailer

Hauling or camping, we've got the perfect setup for you

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