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We specialize in early Ford Bronco Restorations.

Learn about Welded Steel Body options for '66-'77 Bronco

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We're the premiere source for welded LAL Customs Steel Bronco Bodies. Get details about our hand-built, quality steel body options. Built how you want:

  • Raptor Liner undercoating
  • Roll bar
  • Windowless doors
  • Cut with Flares
  • options are endless

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LAL Customs Steel Body

Experience the difference using a steel body from LAL Customs

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We've got the knowledge to make your dream restoration happen

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Bringing life back to the ClassicsTaylor Blackhawk
Lou and his crew obviously love what they do. The pride they take in putting out top notch Broncos (and occasionally something other than a bronco)....can easily be seen and definitely be heard from the tailpipes of the builds or out of the mouths of the craftsman. LAL is the real deal, no shortcuts, top quality every time.Randy Tart
LAL is the only place I’ll go. Not just for my bronco, but for any of my automotive needs. Lou and the team at LAL are second to none. Lou, Mark and Jameson are phenomenal, and will without a doubt, achieve whatever your vision is.Alex Rosenstrach
Kenneth Torreggiani
Shelby Heath
Lou is one of the best in the business. His attention to detail and passion are a driving force which has makes him stand out in the rebuilding field.Larry Korson
Bryan VanZandt
Great group of people with a passion for Broncos. Top notch work and attentive to the details🇺🇲Justin Nowak
Down to earth and very passionate about what they do!!! You get the whole package when you go to LAL! No corners will be cut on your project that is for sure!Courtney Menard
Outstanding team! Lou and his team at LAL are class A and did an incredible job on my bronco. After interviewing several builders, I settled on LAL and am glad I did. If you want white glove service and great results call Lou.Ryan Busby
The best at what they do!Trent Svingala
This place is like bronco nirvana. There are Broncos everywhere in all different stages of restoration. The shop is clean and organized, and Lou is always happy to give you the “grand tour” of what he’s working on. While I’m not quite ready to tackle the issues on the body of my bronco just yet, Lou was nice enough to squeeze me in and install a 2.5” lift kit along with new tires and body mounts on my 1974 bronco. Everything came out perfect and I couldn’t be happier. This is a first class operation all the way.Scott Armstrong
The owner Lou is probably the most professional and down to earth person that I’ve ever dealt with. Him and his crew are true craftsman and care about what they do taking the time to make sure everything is perfect. I’ve never trusted a business more with such valuable merchandise and never had a single worry.Michael Brandes
Lou and his team are top notch! Highly recommend.thomas schultzel
You want a classic Bronco that's brand new and done better than when these were actually brand new? You go to LAL... 🤙🏻Tank Simsek
Lou and his team are amazing, it’s great to have a legit Bronco guy on East Coast. What’s the best is he builds big money trucks for people, but also appreciates the guys who just want a top notch custom cage and other cool stuff. I’m a fan of LAL and they will be the only guys to touch my 68 . Great experience and very happy with what they did. Highest recommendationcliff hedges
Bronco heaven nobody builds broncos like LAL true craftsmanshipPaul R Chiesa Chiesa
Gary Vaughn
We are a select and particular group of enthusiasts!! In my area, to find a specialist, an absolute perfectionist builder of this caliber...a blessing!! If you think you see things on Discovey channel.... I was shown better.... just awesome! Thank you for your time... ill definitely be back!!Keith Wargo
Lou and his team at LAL Custom are absolutely awesome. Lou is passionate about his work - takes pride in his finished product. In my experience he’s there for his customer base 100% of the time. Thank you Lou for everything! Love my Bronco!Brennen Parker
Awesome shop for Broncoskevin Miller
Great work beautiful vehicles he takes pride in his work!!! Recommend him highly!!!!Peter Enzien
When you want the best built bronco with out all the BS this is the only place to go. We’ve looked at velocity, gateway etc and their builds don’t even come close to the level of quality. The owner Lou has forgotten more about Broncos than most builders know about them.Thomas Mason
The owner Lou really wants and does put out a quality product!!!! His detail to perfection is unbelievable!!!! You want a Bronco or some other classic he is th4 person to talk to.Peter Enzien
Mark Whitney
Staff are very friendly and they do excellent work.Victoria Pulver
Brian Brisby